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    You can request a phone call by choosing one of the availabilities to make your appointment for a call back from Trainer & Flamenco Dancer Rocio Ponce. 

    Join Rocio Ponce's MovenergyEarthquick on-site & or on-line interactively personal training program to help you to burn fat, sculpt, & or build muscle!
    MovenergyEarthquick offers Personal Training in Strength Training, Pilates, Group Fitness, FlamencoDance (30 of Flamenco Performances & 15 years of coaching), and Nutrition meal-planning (the meal plan and your workouts to fit your level, your lifestyle, and your goals with the focus in helping you get fit, get healthier, sleep better, get focused, and reach your fitness goal). 
    The Online interactive medium PersonalTraining part is a live-stream in RealTime Personal Training private, semi-private, or group (Fitness/MindBody/Dance & NutritionMealPlanning) for those that cannot come to the location where I train clients.  This medium of interaction cuts down driving time so that you can enjoy your session in the comfort of your home or office \ To register for free, go to:

    ONCE YOU ARE IN, CLICK ON "CURRENT LISTINGS" OR "UPCOMING SESSIONS" SO THAT YOU CAN CHOOSE THE DIFFERENT PACKAGES THAT BEST FITS YOU. Once you register, you are entitled to a 15 minute consultation if you'd like via Live-Stream, or by phone call. Once you're signed up, we can reserve a time to meet face to face online or via phone call when ever you make an appointment. 

    Personalized workout programs using traditional fitness & mindbody workouts with nutrition guidance and advice. 
    Rocio's job is to make sure you stay motivated so you that you can reach your goal in the comfort of your own schedule at home or office; or at the onsite location I teach at which is a private fitness and training studio in Glendale CA. 

    Get ahold of your health and take control.  Only you can make it happen (Rocio is simply here to guide you, motivate you, & educate you).  If not now, then when⏳❓

    Lets get you into the best shape of your life.✔

    We customize nutrition and workout plans tailored to your needs.  
    Let me customize your plan and help you reach your goals. 

    We book your appointments via or thru which is a platform designed to better connect the trainer with any client allowing communication to be that much easier. Fast & more effective instant communication, you get your customized program faster, your questions answered faster, and it's like having a personal trainer in the comfort of your own home! I'll guide you along those steps ;-)
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    Click below to book an appointment via regular phone call or via-live-stream so that Rocio can call you & get you ready for a new you!

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